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CrowdPoint Reseller & Distributor License Overview

Important Notice:

Access To Invest In CrowdPoint Is Not Available To The General Public Yet!

For Private TAP™ Members Who Are Either Distributors or ReSellers In One Or More Exchange, There Is An Opportunity.

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Join CrowdPoint!

Enter the CrowdPoint Powered Exchanges... and get a MASSIVE Discount +Triple the Value

Save a MASSIVE discount when you decide to join a CrowdPoint powered Exchange, entering the CrowdPoint ecosystem as a Reseller or Distributor!

Get ALL Exchanges for the price of one! And this includes 2 products. Additional products can be added for a 1 time fee of $500.00 for each additional product.

Necessary pre-requisite for any investor. You must be a re-seller or distributor and be an "active" participant in growing CrowdPoint before you are eligible to invest in CrowdPoint. If you are not willing to be an "active [ar

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The Original TAP Training Video Section 6 of 9 (Opportunity 2, 8 &9)

Learning The Alphabet - Webinar BlockChain Explained!

Learning To Walk - TAP Webinar: CrowdPoint Q & A Session

Learning To Read - TAP Webinar Exchanges Unveiled!

Once You've Purchased Your CrowdPoint Reseller/Distributor License, the following will happen:

You'll be re-directed from the order page, directly to a page giving your further instructions! Be patient, this page may take 15 or 20 seconds to load. These include how to set up your affiliate links for both AMeX and CPeX, as well as show you how you can begin to earn immediately! (Each Exchange will have a separate unique affiliate link just for you).

On this page that you'll be re-directed from the order page, you will also see a download link for your Bonus Copy of the Book explaining block chain technology by Aby Alexander titled "Block Chain Simplified". Start reading it to understand the power of the blockchain!

Over the next few days, you'll receive an email from CrowdPoint which will have an NDA for you to sign so that further information can be shared and provided to you (this could take a few days but you will be able to start immediately, so don't worry...the NDA won't keep you from taking immediate action).

This email will be followed by the Reseller and/or Distributor Agreements which you will sign and return directly to CrowdPoint (again, may take a few days).

Note: Beginning May 1, 2021, entry into any Exchange powered by CrowdPoint will be $2500 for Resellers and $5000 for Distributors for EACH EXCHANGE (same as Resellers but with ELIGIBILITY to introduce your own product into the CrowdPoint Exchange).

But YOU Get ALL the EXCHANGES and up to 2 products. Each additional product can be added for $500.00

Make sure you're subscribed to the "TAP - Technology Sector" TELEGRAM Channel (only for TAP Members). Link is pinned on the TAP PRIVATE Members Channel!


There are NO GUARANTEES! There is NO guarantee in life! There is especially NO guarantee when you start a busienss! You are entering into a new business venture so why would you expect a guarantee? If you are not 1000% certain you wish to join CrowdPoint, DO NOT JOIN! There will be NO REFUNDS! Any person proceeding BEYOND this point and then requesting a refund AFTER joining, will be persumed to be attempting FRAUD, and will be held accountable to the highest levels possible!

Additional Terms of Service apply and will be provided with the NDA. Tap into Reality, CrowdPoint or any affiliated individual or company to the aforementioned, are not respoinsible for any aspect of your results. Only YOU are responsible for your results and your results are reflective of YOUR effort and YOUR work ethic. If you are NOT comfortable with relying on yourself or on your own efforts and /or you do NOT agree with these statements, DO NOT PROCEED! If you do NOT feel comfortable, it's because the CrowdPoint Opportunity was not meant for you! STOP and Exit this page!

TAP™ into Reality and/or CrowdPoint retain all rights and priveledges including the right to deny access to the CrowdPoint ecosystem to any individual or entity, for any reason whatsoever. By proceeding beyond this point and placing your order, you UNEQUIVOCALLY agree to these Terms and Conditions!

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